Ventrac Marketing Department

Creative Direction & Strategy
Denver Steiner and Isaac Roth

Project Goal(s)
To create informative and engaging marketing materials for a variety of platforms and target audiences.

Additional Information
Ventrac is a company that design, manufactures, and sells compact tractors and commercial grade attachments. Their products are sold through a network of dealers and distributors throughout the world and are used in a wide range of markets, including golf courses, professional contractors, municipalities, hospitals, schools, and estate owners.


I worked on the User Experience and overall brand aesthetic for this website redesign. Once it was complete I helped maintain the content by updating photo libraries and product landing page information and videos. Visit get the full experience of the website.

Another huge part of this website redesign was making it responsive. The previous website was not, causing the company to miss out on possible leads using mobile devices.


Ventrac New Product - Email Marketing


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