Project Summary

I worked on the User Experience and overall brand aesthetic for the Ventrac website redesign. Once it was complete I helped maintain the content by updating photo libraries, product landing page information, and videos.

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Creative Direction, Development, & Strategy

Denver Steiner, Isaac Roth, Caleb Hartman, and Derek Vance


Ventrac Homepage Redesign

Research, Development, Design

The focus of this website redesign was to create a website that is easy to, clearly displays information and graphics, and is optimized for quality leads. 

Our web team got together on a weekly basis to discuss design, strategy, functionality, and more. Throughout this time I also did a lot of research on the lead generation process and email marketing, in addition to landing page and user experience best practices.

Ventrac Tractor Product Pages Redesigns


Mobile First

Another huge part of this website redesign was making it responsive. The previous website was not, causing the company to miss out on possible leads using mobile devices.


Digital Marketing

With email marketing and social media being an important part of every companies brand experience I had the opportunity of crafting messages for those platforms.


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