Project Discovery Questionnaire

I have a passion for helping individuals and organizations find their voices and using strategic design and storytelling to enhance the impact your brand has connecting with your target audience. Before you invest your time filling out this questionnaire, I encourage you to visit this page to learn more about my process if you haven’t already.

I use the project discovery questionnaire below to help myself get a better understanding of who you are, because I’m interested in learning about your goals and helping you be successful. I want to first make sure I can produce excellent results for you rather than rush into your project ill-informed. My focus is on doing good work and providing value. I only want to take on your project if I know I’ll be able to create something of great value for you. This questionnaire will help me learn more about your goals and whether we’ll be a good fit.

So please take your time as you fill out this questionnaire. It's important to dig deep and think about what you're looking for.  

Thank you in advance for filling out this questionnaire.

- Blake


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Describe what you do or what you provide. What problem are you solving? What is your contribution to the world? Why do you matter?
Be specific and write out the kind of person you want to reach. Take your time and really determine who you want to connect with.