Project Summary

To design a t-shirt graphic for the Mira Costa Service Learning Department for the Student Advocates, featuring the slogan “Pipeline to Greatness”.


Research & Sketching

I began the research process with a quick mind mapping session to generate concepts that reflect both the slogan "Pipeline to Greatness" and the Mira Costa Service Learning Department.

The keywords that came out of the mind mapping were Track, Academic, and Achieve.

From there, I sketched simple icons, emblem shapes, and text working towards a graphic that would convey the slogans message and appeal to the students that would be wearing it.  


Design Exploration

I explored two concepts and experimented with applying Mira Costa's official colors. 


Final Application

We ended up stripping the final design of its color for a bold minimal one-color graphic. The graphic was applied to blue shirts similar to Mira Costa's official colors.


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