This Present Darkness is a post-metalcore band that are good friends of mine. Starting out with more of a hard rock approach with metalcore influences, they had not yet quite found their sound. However, time and new experiences allowed them to look deeper and experiment with new compositions and tones. The result of that growth manifested in their debut album Nayenezgani.

Design Concept

When This Present Darkness came to me with the album title Nayenezgani, I was informed that it meant “The Slayer of Strange Gods”. It would be an album that looked deep into personal experience, exploring themes including depression, anxiety, and the struggle to reconcile though it all.


Final Application

The band originally wanted to stray from using an image of Nayenezgani as a part of the artwork. However, overtime, his image grew on them.

The dreary, raw tone of the photo, combined with the resilience and character depicted in the warrior, captured the deep personal experiences conveyed throughout the record, making it the most effective visual to introduce listeners to the album.