My Process

While this page is in progress you can view case studies accompanying some of my work to get a sense of my process.

Phase 1: Discovery

The discovery phase begins when I receive your inquiry from my project discovery questionnaire. The information provided in the form helps me to understand the unique goals and objectives for your project, and evaluate how to move forward.  


  • Project Discovery Questionnaire

Phase 2: Discussion

During this part of the process my primary focus is to discuss your goals and expectations, and setting the foundation for a successful project workflow. After defining clear goals and expectations for the project will will come to an objective vision for the project that will help me create the best possible solution for you.


  • Consultation Follow-Up

  • Define Project Goals & Objectives

  • Contract Outline & Project Estimate
    [The contract will outline the following:]

    • Agreement

    • Timetable

    • Terms & Conditions

    • Warranty & Rights

    • Rate & Payments

    • Client Responsibilities

    • Scope & Objectives


Phase 3: Design

Illustration and design are iterative processes that require research and exploration. Throughout the research phase I explore many ideas. This phase helps to expand my "Creative Bank Account" with visual reference for the projects many possible directions. I based my work on our discussion and the goals we established. However, this also means that some ideas will not meet those goals as effectively as others. I will present the most effect solution to you and walk you through the process of getting there. After I receive your feedback, adjustments may be made to present again for final review.


  • Research

  • Sketching

  • Drafting / Digitization & Refining / Digitize & Refine

  • Presentation

  • Revision / Refinement Based on Feedback

Phase 4: Deliver 

Once the project has passed final review and you have paid the final invoice, final files and assets will be released to you.


  • Final Payment

  • Delivery of Final Project Files & Assets