Art Commissions

I am currently open for commissions.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a piece of art please fill out the form below. It is intended to get an understanding of what you're looking for. If you would like something different than any option provided below please let me know in the description box.

Commission Inquiry Form

Name *
Image sizes in inches.
For the digital color option, I will provide you with the original B&W artwork and a similarly sized print of it fully colored. Upon request, I can also provide a digital copy.
Please provide as much, or as little, detail as possible so I can provide an accurate quote and in turn create an ideal piece of art.

Art Commissions Process


Before a project gets started, we talk about the details of the artwork. This discovery process will lay the foundation for your project. The more I understand about your goals for the art work and your connection to it, the more effectively I will capture your story in the artwork. We can communicate through email, phone, Skype, or face-to-face, if you are within driving distance.


Following our first meeting, the discussion of establishing project goals and expectations, I will begin doing research. I will gather reference photos and studying photos provided by the client. My research often includes character poses, props/clothing, environments, and color palettes.

Work-In-Progress Updates

I will send you digital photos by email at each stage of the creative process to confirm that I am on target with your goals for the project. I start with sketching a series of thumbnails. The thumbnails are the scaffolding of what will be fleshed out into the final artwork. This is the best time to give feedback about character pose, composition and special details you want me to focus on. My current portfolio gives you an idea of my style and what to expect.

Payment & Delivery

Initial payment is required after you approve the concept and before I start the drawing. When the artwork is finished, I will be sending you a digital image of the finished product.

When the artwork is finished and the final payment received, I will provide a digital image, the original B&W artwork and a similarly sized print of it fully colored (if you requested the digital color option). If the work is damaged during shipping, I will cover the return shipping fee and send a new print for you free of charge once the return shipment is received.