Nikki Snell is a SoCal hairstylist that focuses on providing the highest quality services in both hair styling and coloring. From classic to complex haircuts, and from all natural to outrageous styling, at the core of her services is a strong drive and passion for helping people feel great about themselves and visually express who they as individuals.

Nikki wanted a modern and friendly image that would give a fresh face to her brand identity. The goal was to create a memorable logo that would balance the elegance and sophistication of the ocean, with fresh and fun visual self-expression.


Design Iterations

To meet my client's requirement for the logo, I explored a sleek and organic style that would allow the identity to be approachable, while maintaining a sense of elegance.

Final Application

The thin, round tipped typeface gives the identity a friendly, yet elegant appearance. The organic curvature of the lock of hair is used to capture the idea of self-expression and create a unique lasting impression. The teal color chosen for the brand identity was arrived at after exploring tones of teal in search of a balance between elegance and individuality.