Project Goal(s)
To create a poster capturing the essence of the music of the band, Circa Survive’s, first album Juturna.

Design Concept
Starting off, I knew I wanted the poster to be a reinterpretation of the original album art. I wanted it to be bold, yet minimal in approach. 
I followed that up by listening to the album and jotting down words and phrases that I felt captured the essence of their art.

Additional Information
2015 marked the ten year anniversary for Circa Survive's debut album, Juturna. Being one of my favorite bands, I knew I wanted to design a poster that would honor their musical craft.


Design Exploration

I sketched several concepts and took them to Photoshop where I increased the contrast to create a more solid image that would be easier to make into vector art.

Design Iteration
Rather than clean up or recreate the vector art, I kept it hand-drawn and raw in order to maintain the human quality. However, it was clear that type exploration was the next step, since my handwritten type from the sketch was unreadable and didn't match the tone of the poster.


Final Application
After I chose fonts for the poster, I chose to stick with the simple palette with a mix of color tints and contrasts. I also experimented with borders, textures, and scale until I found the most effective balance.