my name is
Blake DeHart.

I'm a visual storyteller based in Southern California. For most of my creative career, I have worked in marketing and production design roles. This has allowed me the opportunity to tend to my creative desires for art and story in my personal time.

I explored video, photography, and music before finding my way back to drawing and writing. I grew up reading novels and comics, playing video games, watching cartoons, and skateboarding. Every one of those things has influenced me creatively.

Now I'm sharing my creative journey and hope to help other artists persevere and work towards their goals. When I’m not making comics, I enjoy time with my amazing wife, skateboarding, playing music, going to concerts and playing video games.

Lately, I’ve been sketching environments, characters, and props for my comic titled, The Isle.

In the story Spencer Alexander, a young museum archaeologist, dreams of visiting a mysterious island his late great-grandfather was marooned on for years. He finally receives the opportunity to materialize his dream but the expedition is not what it seems. For now below are some character and world sketched. I'm excited to start sharing more soon!

I am also available for commissions, character design, sequential comic art, and page lettering.


Need Visual Storytelling?

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