my name is
Blake DeHart.


My passion for cartoons and comics has inspired me to specialize in illustration and character design. My background in graphic design, illustration, and videography has allowed me the opportunity to learn about authentic storytelling, characters, and dynamic composition.

Storytelling is my truest means of artistic expression. The more I learn about visual storytelling, the more I see its power to connect people. I want to help you create that connection with your audience.


How I Can Help You

Whether you’re writing a story or developing a video game that needs to have dynamic visual storytelling, or an illustrator as passionate about visual storytelling as I am, I want to help you.

This website is my platform. Everything from my portfolio to blog articles and products can be found here. If I can use my passion to help you, please contact me.

In addition to visual storytelling I am also an experienced graphic designer well versed in producing innovative design solutions for digital and print (Logos, Branding, UX, Packaging).


Need Visual Storytelling?

Capturing the authenticity of your stories and dynamic characters will help connect you with the people looking for stories you are telling. With your target audience in mind, we will capture the essence of your story.